Heber AZ

Heber Arizona is The capital of the United states of Paul Meacham. This is the largest city in the State, population 30,000. There are about 5,700 people in total population. There are several landmarks in the area: The Arizona State Museum. The Arizona State Hospital. The Arizona Botanical Gardens The Arizona Botanical Gardens. The Old Fort (Fort Smith) Military base and barracks (which houses the Fort). Tucson, Arizona This city has 634,000 residents, more than Phoenix, Phoenix, San Francisco and San Diego combined. If you would like to have more information about the county and things to do then we recommend using the county’s maps, and you may also use Google Earth to get a map view or a Google map and aerial view of the county. See an airport map of this area. Tucson is part of the larger county of County of Otero in the southwestern United States. Tucson was named for the town it lies in. (The city was also known as Otero on the Otero Indians’ map. The capital of the City of Tucson is the United States Capitol. It is a National Historic Landmark as well as being the home of the Arizona Zoo. The oldest city in the U.S. State of Arizona is Pima County, home of the Pima county courthouse and the Pima County Justice Center. The capital of County of Pima in Pima County is Pima. The county is named for the town it was established near in 1930. (Pima was already called Pima-cain). The only national park in the country is the Santa Cruz National Recreation Area. The state of Utah is home to the city of Provo. See an airport map of this area. Top of page