Paul Meacham Best Selling Heber AZ Author

Paul Meacham the best selling cookbook author from Heber Arizona was a student at the University of Chicago. In 1949 he moved to Chicago with two of his college professors. Meacham quickly became the best selling author in North America. In 1950 he received a prestigious honorary Doctor of Humane Letters degree from the University of Chicago. In 1954, he won the Best Book Award in the National Library Association of American Publishers at the New York State Book Fair. Meacham became president of the Professional Foundation of Humane Letters in 1970. He also served as the president of the American Humane Association for 27 years. Meacham and his book “How to Cook” were the first recipes in the popular cookbook genre and are still considered the industry standard today. Catherine R. Murphy the award-winning author who was originally from Pennsylvania spent her childhood in Chicago. She is the co-owner of the award-winning Murphys Book Company and has published over 15 books. In her spare time, Catherine loves hiking, nature, travel, history, the outdoors and more. Nancy K. Meagher the best selling author of the memoir, “The Gift” is an author, teacher, and mother from New York City. Nancy founded the book school at her home in 1996, and has become an internationally recognized authority on the importance of education, leadership and compassion. Paul T. Myers the famous award winning writer was born in Minneapolis in 1931. He is a graduate of The University of Chicago and the University of Wisconsin, Madison and received his B.A. degree in philosophy from Harvard University in 1949. He married his college sweetheart (Heather Burt) on August 18, 1962, and together they have one daughter, Ann. Myers is the bestselling author of five children, including the bestselling science fiction/fantasy series “World War Z”, the award-winning film, “Chewbacca”, the popular children’s children’s books “Blind Spot”, “Big Bad Wolf”, and “Dawn of the Dinosaurs.” Myers’s favorite subject is the history of philosophy, literature, art, technology and the study of history and religion. Elizabeth O’Neill, author of “The Best of Mary’s House” has been awarded a MacArthur Award and the National Book Award. Her books have been adapted into popular stage plays, movies, television programs, and radio. A favorite among her readers is Dorothy “Munchkin”, the anthropomorphic squirrel found in the “Citizen Kane” books by author Edgar Rice Burroughs.’s%20Blog/view/html?cs=m’s%20Blog/view/html?cs=m’s%20Blog/view/html?cs=m

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