Paul Meacham Cookbook Author

Paul Meacham the best selling cookbook author from Heber Arizona was asked to teach me some recipes and then take me on a trip to the countryside to learn more about how they were made. We would often take these photos and share these recipes on Facebook. I wanted to know more about what would happen next and how they might help me feel happy on my journey through life. My love for food, which has been my passion my whole life, led me to discover that cooking is a fun, exciting, and healthy way to improve the world. I can now share this story of growing up hungry and loving everything that I am eating. The Food When I was about seven years old, my brother told me to go home with the food and help myself. We had plenty of food in our house, but I wanted to try the dishes he had made, so he decided to create his own. I would love to know more about the food that I would eat in the future. What I want to know is, What was in these recipes that were healthy, tasty, and a joy to eat? For me, healthy things include food that is rich in nutrition and contains essential minerals that help you to stay healthy and maintain a normal, balanced energy level. I am in constant love with many ingredients, but I will start to search out the healthy foods and cooking methods that are most important to me. I’m already looking to try foods that have been tested on animals to see what would happen in these real life situations. My Journey In A World That’s Changing My World, by Mark Meacham My trip to a farm that I learned was where I would go to grow and raise my own food for the first time ended up being my dream farm. I thought growing vegetables, and eating them, was cool and exciting. I could be my own chef. I could teach myself to use some new, modern technology to make them a little more healthy. My family would often say, “You should work with that, not against it.” I would tell them that no, I’d be happy working with a plant grown in my backyard because it was grown with the care that it is grown now. I also love having a farm at my home. I would love to have my own food grow my own food so I can have more choices for myself and my family. I was always grateful to live near a food source. Saving the World I’ve always loved cooking. I was always afraid to try something new and I felt afraid that if I tried it, I wasn’t going to like it. I’ve always been open minded and I love to learn and try new things. So it was really nice for me to come back and learn from an older friend who taught me to cook with an older person. I wanted to learn this new and old school way of doing things, but now I have some tips to share. I don’t want to try to save the world by buying foods that are unhealthy for the environment. We are in an age where we have more than enough food. I know that food can go bad. The only people who really have the experience to put out these issues is families. As a family we need to make it a priority to learn ways of eating that is good for people so that we can be responsible to each other. Food has to be healthy, fresh and in high enough quality so that we can all have the best food, one day at a time. Why We Do It You can make food that is healthy, delicious and fun to eat, and then share it with your loved ones on social media or to the masses. Food has helped us all, and it’s why I love living the lifestyle. I want to share my love of food with the world. I don’t want to try to save the world by buying foods that are unhealthy for the environment. So what are some of your other cooking tips to share with others about healthy eating? If you would like to check out some of my recipes to share with friends and family, let me know and I can see if I could send a copy to you. I’ll include links in the book’s description to make sure it’s not misspelled.

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