Paul Meacham Legendary Hunter From Heber AZ

Paul Meacham the legendary hunter from Heber Arizona was killed at gunpoint in March, 2015. Heber County Sheriff Mark Prawer said it was a “tragic and unprovoked” incident that left the 26-year-old homeless. Authorities described him as an accomplished athlete and community outreach worker, but were reluctant to provide details. ‘A special individual’ It’s not clear who fired on Meacham or why he was shot. Heber County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Jerry Thomas said his agency found no criminal activity by Meacham or others in the area. He said authorities had not been contacted by law enforcement in connection with the killing. But Meacham’s former team and family were still reeling Thursday from the loss. “It hurts,” said his wife, Kim Meacham. “We love him as much as we could.” “I want to just be here for him,” said sister Amanda. “We love him so much.” Her brother was “just an amazing person,” her mother said. “He didn’t deserve what he did to him, that’s for sure.” Family had sought safety in Nevada, and he was on vacation with family in Arizona, family members told the Associated Press. Meacham, an athlete, was a popular camper and hunter on the Heber Island chain of islands off the coast of Las Vegas, according to friends and associates. Police said Meacham also owned a ranch outside Las Vegas and drove a pickup truck owned by his wife, whom he was engaged to at the time of his death, and children. He was also a licensed hunter with several hunting licenses, according to a page for him. Meacham moved to Nevada in 2011 with his girlfriend, said family members. He began a career as a wildlife photographer after graduating from the University of California, Berkeley in 2002 and had earned a master’s in agricultural business from the University of Arizona, his bio said. In early March, Meacham was reported missing by a relative. His brother-in-law, who lives in New Mexico, told NBC affiliate KSHB that Meacham had left town in recent days.

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