Paul Meacham the Legendary hunter from Heber Arizona Shot in Back

Pau l Meacham Legendary Heber AZ Hunter

Paul Meacham the legendary hunter from Heber Arizona was shot in the back with
an eight-inch slug by another hunter when he stumbled upon the area. After a
brief chase the hunter was caught and held until the police arrived. Meacham was
later rescued from a creek at a secluded location by some members of his family.
An anonymous tip led detectives to the spot where Meacham was shot. An initial
investigation revealed that the man who was killed in this accident was the
father of two, Brian and Kathy. They lived with the couple for more than three
years. A few months later, the state Attorney General’s office opened an
investigation and issued a warrant for Meacham’s shooters’ arrest.
The crime scene where the fatal shot was fired is just over the interstate 25
bridge in the Arizona desert. Meacham’s wife died in 1993. Meacham and Kathy
divorced in 1986. They separated in 1997 and stayed apart until his sudden
death. Kathy also died from cancer about five years ago. It was determined
that Meacham died a single gunshot wound and was shot at point-blank range with
an eight inch slug. The crime scene was completely covered over with mud, earth
and leaves. Meacham had lived in the area for many years and was described as
quiet, well-to-do and well-mannered. He was a natural athlete who played in
several indoor and outdoor sporting events with teams as diverse as the Mesa Boy
Scouts, U.S. Football and Cross Country Clubs as well as the Arizona Association
of Special Olympics teams. Meacham had worked as an assistant to Maricopa
County Sheriff Joe Arpaio during the past decade. Kathy was also a former
special agent for the U.S. Department of Justice’s Phoenix office. A spokesman
for the Department of Justice confirmed that the office is working with the
Sheriff’s office. Kathy Meacham was buried by her husband near the place where
the fatal shooting occurred Friday evening, September 2, 2012. Kathy Meacham
died on September 2, 2012 Arpaio said the family is ‘deeply saddened’ by the
loss of Brian and Kathy Meacham. Arpaio said he learned of Meacham’s death from
a tip from a member of the community. ‘I know how important family is to them,’
he said. ‘I spoke with Kathy at the last minute in the last days before her
husband’s funeral and she asked what the most important things were in life, and
she said, ‘Brian and Kathy would tell you that.” Arpaio said he will not be
asking for any money, just the satisfaction that Brian Meacham will be
remembered for who he was. His wife was remembered Thursday by her own friends
as someone who played her cards right. The couple was married in 1984 in Mesa,
Arizona. He was a father of two and she a mother of two. The couple and their
son had a daughter named Aimee. Aimee is now 3 months old. At the time of Brian
Meacham’s death, she had just completed his fourth year in law school at Arizona
State University. She has served as a judge on the school’s law review. Meacham
married Kathy in 1989. She had two sons from her first marriage. Kathy had
grown up in Phoenix and moved to Sheboygan, Wisconsin, to pursue a master’s
degree in human resources management. She married Meacham two years later and
has three children from that marriage. She and her husband and daughter were
still together when Brian died. She also worked in private practice but did not
appear to enjoy that occupation because the relationship was largely one-sided.
Meacham had a reputation as a strict, tough, hard-line, and tough-on-crime law
enforcement officer. Arpaio would say that Meacham had been ‘in the right,’
although there was no proof. But he did say that if he was wrong he was
justified in firing the shots. Deputy U.S. Attorney Steve Schoettl said
Meacham’s reputation made him a target. The shooting took place when the couple
were about to leave the Phoenix Police Department. Arpaio said Brian was a good
father to Aimee, and they had their four sons together. Meacham had two other
children — a daughter with Amy, and a son with her second wife, a former Navy
officer. They had a daughter named Aimee, and a daughter with her first
marriage. They had a second son with them as well.

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